Items are suddenly all viewed as one hour in calendar view, despite the end time is set longer

Since a few days, all my items in calendar view are viewed as a one hour item. Even if they were noted for a longer duration before. Usually I could extend the duration by drag the item at the bottom. This is now impossible.
There is an end date and time set, but even with an end time longer as an hour noted, the item stays as one hour. In the expand view I can see the end time and it’s longer than one hour.
This is most annoying since some items have a duration of a whole day, and I need to see that so I know that I can’t plan anything else that day.

Make sure your view is set to use both your start field and your end field. Using more than one date field in a calendar view is a Pro+ feature; make sure your base is still in a Pro/Enterprise workspace.

Also make sure all your end times are after the start times. If end times are after start times then Airtable will render those events as 1 hour.

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Dear Kamille,

Thank you for your answer, it pointed me in the right direction. I actually deleted the calendar view, and made a new one again. In this new one, I selected the ‘End Time’ field again.
Now it all seems to work again, I can drag an item to make the duration longer.

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