Iterating between Airtable pages in Integromat


I am trying to iterate between pages of results from Airtable in Integromat.

I tried to do this with Search Records but couldn’t work out a way to back and iterate through any bundles above 100 (it was reporting the first 100 bundles, being the default page size in Airtable).

So I’m using a custom API call and can pull the first 100 records, with an offset. I can then pass the offset in a second query and get more records. However, I can’t work out a way to repeat the process programatically based on the total number of bundles - I don’t want to include an arbitrary number of calls as that isn’t flexible if the records exceed the number of calls, and in any case using multiple calls (rather than say one call with a repeater) seems tricky.

Any input very gratefully received!


If you’re using Integromat, you don’t need to worry about this. It will iterate through the pages automatically for you. Just be sure to set the limit for the maximum number of records that you want to retrieve.

I have tried this under Search Records module, but it only ever gets the first 100.

This is the message I get: Showing first 100 bundles, module originally returned 144 bundles.

This is despite setting maximum number of records to retrieve beyond 100.

Future steps will actually process all 144 bundles, but the interface for the first module will only visually show you the first 100 bundles.

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Ok excellent - will give that a go. Thank you!

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It seems that you could use the “Repeater” module.

Hi @Aaron_Ferguson

There might be a way to do this with Integromat by using some modules and a filter and Airtable API.

You might have to post your query on Facebook or submit a ticket to Integromat.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

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