It's time to submit your brackets!

Now that we’ve got our competitors squared away (welcome to the tournament, Web Clipper!), it’s time to fill out your brackets.

Just like the March Madness basketball tournament that was the original inspiration for Blocks Madness, we’ll start with a “round of 16” - eight head-to-head matches over the course of the next week. The winners of those matches will proceed to the quarterfinals, followed by semifinals, and then finals.

In your bracket, you’ll choose winners for every match in every round - up to the final! You can make a copy of this base to play around with different outcomes before you fill out your bracket, or you can hop right in here to submit your bracket.

Whoever’s got the closest bracket to the actual outcome will win a $500 gift card.

Brackets are due tomorrow at 9am (PST), when the first match-up (and mini-contest!) begins. No late submissions accepted, so send in your bracket as soon as you can!

:point_right: Submit your bracket here!


I don’t see a “Copy this base” button… did you enable copying in your share link?

Good catch @Jeremy_Oglesby, thanks! Just updated.

The link for the Base in the Form is still the old one (without the copy button) :wink:

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