Jira to Airtable?

We are thinking of using Airtable as a requirements gathering tool to compliment Jira (because all the Jira plugins are terribly unintuitive and the Jira platform itself isn’t super UI friendly for those who don’t live in it every day).

Simple question: Is there any way on a Jira issues page to have a reference link to a specific Airtable row? My proposed way to do this is just to hyperlink a row specifically on the description field of a Jira page, but is there a more…eloquent way to do it using the jira block?

Welcome to the community, @Ronald_AngSiy1!

Go to the view that you want to use. Then, expand one of the records in your table by hitting the space bar.

Then, look at the URL in your web browser’s location bar. It will have this format:


The table ID and the view ID will always be the same for that particular table & view, so copy those for later usage. Your record ID is different for every record, and you can see what it is for each record by using the formula RECORD_ID().

So, create a new formula field that results in a URL that combines all 3 values. Your formula would look something like this:

"https://airtable.com/tblQ44JDK0djk32/viwseg5pxCKSJ80dx/" & RECORD_ID()

You’ll be pasting in your exact table ID and your exact view ID into that formula, but the record ID part of your formula will dynamically change.

The result of that formula will give you a unique URL for each one of your records in Airtable. Whenever you call that URL, it will open up that record for you in the table & view that you specified.

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