Job Costing Template

Due to airtables restriction on hiding tables within a shared base my accounting tab is linked to my main base. This is not ideal as I have others able to simply unlock the table and view all of our accounting information. :frowning: But until we have another option - I guess I’m stuck.

However, now I need to make a job costing table based on the jobs and paid invoices to include other aspects and I really don’t want or need this info available to everyone, so I created a separate base in a separate work space. I’ve created a zap (even though I’m still learning and its not doing what I need it too (free account)) I’m going to keep working with it, but in the meantime -

does any one have suggestions on keeping up with job costing based on info another workspace? Or more specifically a Job Costing templates out there for money out (employees, materials, lodging, invoices etc) to show P&L that I will just manually update every day?