Join two column fields together and format

Hello Airtable community…

I currently have two columns

User Name
User Fact Item 1, User Fact Item 2,

User Detail
User Detail Item 1, User Detail Item 2

I need a formula that creates an array with rich text formatting that merges the two columns to create this

At the moment I’m using
{UserFacts} & “\n” & {Facts Detail}

Which is doing this
User Fact Item 1,
User Fact Item 2,
User Detail Item 1,
User Detail Item 2

But I want this

User Fact Item 1
Item 1

User Fact Item 2
Item 2

Would you be able to help or give me a pointer?

Thank you

Formula fields cannot display text formatting, such as bold text.

If you want to have formatting that changes commas to new line characters, you can use the SUBSITUTE function, which is documented in the formula field reference.

If you want a formula that splits items in a list, that is also possible, although a bit of a pain.

If you’d like additional help, please give a bit more information regarding field types (single line text, lookup, etc.) and more detailed example values.

Thanks @kuovonne,
I want the ‘combined’ column to read

Funding model confusion
Most new COOPs don’t understand what funding models are available

Another thing
some kind observation

But at the moment its doing this using this formula - ARRAYJOIN({UserFacts},{Facts Detail})

Thank you for the screen captures.
It looks like you have a linked record field that contains multiple links and a rollup based on those links.

Try having a new formula field in the linked table that combines {UserFact} and {Fact Detail}. Then perform the rollup on that new formula field.

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