JotForm & Airtable Issue

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We are having some INTERMITTENT integration issues with JotForm and Airtable. Although JotForm and Airtable are syncing properly using the 3rd party interface on JotForm, we have experienced a few (roughly 2%) form submissions that are not updating into Airtable. We haven’t been able to diagnose this issue very well b/c it is intermittent.

It’s possible that Airtable is not updating when Airtable is not open on our browser window. In other words, when the JotForm receives a submission while Airtable is closed that record is not created.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue? Just to be clear, we are creating records just fine 98% of the time with the same form being tested.

Thank You!

Eric D.

No, this won’t be the issue as Jotform is using the Airtable API to create new records in Airtable. This doesn’t rely on a user session being open and is a separate way to interact with the underlying Airtable data store/database.

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