JSON support on csvgetter.com

csvgetter.com allows you to turn your airtable base into a CSV api but now it supports a whole bunch of json types as well! (No need to worry about pagination). Check out this 2 min preview.

As usual, send me feedback + suggestions!


Appreciate all the continued development of this service. Are you able/willing to continue to update the repo for open-source? GitHub - dailycoffee/airtable-base-to-csv-api: An API that when called will communicate with the Airtable API to retrieve base contents as csv file. The script handles pagination and uses Flask and Pandas to achieve the required format

Some organizations won’t allow to expose API keys over the web, but if we can repurpose your amazing code, then we can leverage the awesomeness you’ve built!

Thanks for the kind words @jonathanlaniado.

The service has changed quite a bit since that first repo. Now I am focusing on granting a whole bunch of API functionality to no-code/low-code users. While the user still needs to send a key over initially, the keys are stored on my system securely, are no longer visible in the generated URL. They are also deleted asap if inactivity with the URL is detected. Now the keys are far less exposed but I appreciate there is still a bridge of trust to be cleared in sending them initially. I hope my continued development of the product shows I am taking the security and privacy aspect of this seriously. If anyone has any questions about this they can talk to me anytime!

The current state of the code is not ready for open source (its quite unique to my setup and secure storage methods). Maybe one day I will make the code more transferable and get it open sourced!