Juice Bar Client Cleanse Tracker Help

Hi! Pretty new to AirTable, and have some complex (to me) things to ask about.

I’m wanting to create a tracking system for a juice bar, to track the details of juice cleanses and the customers doing them. I’ll try to explain simply:

There are several cleanse packages - let’s call them “Boost Cleanse” and “Detox Cleanse.” Within each cleanse there are seven drinks, but several different options for each of the seven. So for example, Boost’s first drink can be Juice A or Juice B, the second drink could be Juice C or Juice D, etc. It depends on stock and client preference. So like this:

  1. Juice A (or B)
  2. Juice C (or D)
  3. Juice E (or F)
  4. etc…

There are different juice options for the Detox cleanse, for example Juice AA or BB for the first, Juice CC or DD for the second, and so on.

The system I’m wanting to set up would allow staff to be able to add a new client (simple) and a new cleanse record for that client with dates and details (simple). The tricky thing is the dynamic options for juices depending on the selected cleanse. In effect I’m looking essentially for a dynamic (conditional) Single Select, but that doesn’t seem to be available. Is it possible to create that type of effect?

I started by setting up different tables for each cleanse type, each of which would hold the juice options, but that’s only a single record - I’d need it to duplicate for each cleanse instance (to be unique for each client/cleanse). Essentially if I create a new cleanse entry and select “Boost," to create a new instance of the Boost table with its options would be ideal. It feels like there’s an answer there, but I dont’ know AirTable well enough to get my head around it!

Hopefully that’s clear, thanks in advance for any thoughts.


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