Jump from a record in a table to the linked record in another table

I’m doing my own take on a mini-CRM. Here’s what I have thus far:

Company - Name - PK - Single LIne Text
Notes - Long Text
Contact - Link to Contact table - shows all contacts
Google Contact URL - wish I could some how mechanize this one but whatever!
Stage - Look up from Contact table

Contact - Name - PK - formula concatenating Last, First, MI, Suffix
Notes - Long Text
Company - Link to Company table name field
Stage - Single select with Lead, Prospect, Client, Dead
Google Contact - URL
LatestActivityDate - Rollup from Activity Table selecting MAX() from the Activity /Created field
Latest Note - Rollup from Activity Table selecting CONCATENATE(values) from the Activity/LatestNote field
Activity - link to the Activity table showing all keys
Last - Single Line Text
First - Single Line Text
MI - SIngle Line Text (restrict to 1 char???)
Suffix - Single Line Text
Name Combined - Forumula concatenating First, MI, Last, Suffix

Okay after all that, the major thing would be to have a table or view that shows the latest activity date and notes for each contact.

Thanks for any help.

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