Jump to Last Record in a View

Is there a way or a URL parameter to get a URL that jumps to the last (bottom-most) record in a specific view?

Thank you in advance!

I’m not aware of any URL parameters that have any affect on views. The closest I can think of is to target a specific record, which opens that record’s expanded view automatically once the table loads. Trying to determine what that bottom-most record is for a given view might be doable, but I doubt it would be pretty (i.e. it would likely involve a lot of tricky table mangling via lookups, formulas, etc.)

Could you describe in greater detail what you’re trying to accomplish in targeting that last record? Is this a view that you’re sharing with a coworker/client, and you want them to find that last record immediately without having to scroll to it?

The idea is that if I have a table with many records, I’d like to avoid having to scroll through all of those existing records to get to the bottom where my new record should go, or where the latest records are.

The reason that I’d like a URL to the end, is because I have bookmarks for various views of various bases (so nice to have unique URLs for that), and I call those from Alfred. Would be nice to jump down to the bottom as well.

From my experience, Airtable remembers where I was in each view, so I don’t have to scroll, but then again I’m not using a bookmark system to switch bases/tables/views. Even if it’s not at the bottom immediately, I can use hotkeys (Command + cursor up/down) to jump quickly to the top or bottom record without manually scrolling.

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