Junction table that automatically creates records

I am working on a table to track products produced. My tables are the following.

Parts - These are parts used to produce products

Products - These are products produced from the parts

Parts to produce junction table - This is a list of parts used to create the products with variations of parts used per product, and total weight etc. (many to many relationship)

Build List - This is a list of products for production to build.

How do I create a new table “parts to build list” for each build list automatically? I would like to select a product, and in another junction table create a copy of all the parts needed to produce from the “parts to produce junction table”. I used to use Filemaker, and this was a simple click of a button to automatically create records in a junction table when records were created in a linked table. I’m assuming this is available in Airtable, but I haven’t seen the option.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

You could do this with the Script Block. This post may be helpful to you:

Right now, Button Fields are in beta, but you sign up for it you could set up a script to run when you click a [Product] record’s button to create one record in the [Parts to Build] table for each [Parts] record linked to that [Product].

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Thank you very much for the help Kamille!

****Deep sigh… Code… It seems so unnecessary to solve a common issue when building bases. AIRTABLE PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE! ****

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If you feel strongly about having this feature added to Airtable, I suggest that you start a new thread (after searching for an existing one) in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.

For now, would you please mark the post above from @Kamille_Parks as the solution to your original question? This helps others who may be searching with similar questions. Thanks!

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