Just DATEADDing 2 days... 😕

This is so simple, and yet no matter what I try, nothing works. :confused:
I want the due date to be 2 days after the creation date. I’ve tried a hundred variations of:


…to no avail. What am I missing??

get rid of the plus sign. You only need a - if you’re subtracting time, otherwise its just the number.

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Screen Shot 2021-12-16 at 6.19.28 PM
Beet there, tried that…

Oh, its your quotes. Curly quotes don’t work in Airtable formulas. Type the quotes directly in the formula bar and they’ll be corrected.

Like, a million-bzillion iterations of this formula…

And the winning formula is:
DATEADD({First}, 2, ‘days’)


Your quotes are still wrong.

DATEADD({First}, 2, 'days')

Those are the ones AT uses when I click on Field option, so… :slight_smile:
And it works!

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