Kanban Cards Need To Be More Compact


I am trying to convert from Asana to Airtable using Kanban cards. But the Kanban cards, even with the recent improvements hiding fields if they are empty, are still too chunky. Using a non Kanban view on Asana. I can see 15 tasks without having to scroll down, and their Kanban view will show around 5 tasks. But with Airtable, the cards are so huge, I can only see 2 or 3 cards before I have to scroll down.

If there was an option on each card to show a compact view or a standard view, it would greatly improve the usability of Kanban cards with airtable.

The compact view only needs to show the title, and if you want to see more of the card you can toggle the standard view.

This would greatly increase the usability and help me move everything off of Asana.

Increase width or decrease text size in kanban cards

I love the fact that we can hide fields on cards, but when I un-hide the collaborator field, it not only adds the collaborator name, with the collaborator icon, it also adds an extra line (and a lot of white space) to label the row! Labels should be optional. I don’t want to waste space in my card list for a line that says “date” when the field that follows it is obviously a date… At the same time, there should also be an option to show the entire content of a field. I don’t want my titles truncated.
It would be nice if we could adjust the width of columns too. Often we just have a few lists, but they are too long too read and too narrow to display properly. It would be great if we could make the column wider and let the fields fill in the available width, side by side if possible.
It would be a dream if we could design the cards and the expanded record views… :slight_smile:


Currently because the kanban columns are very thin, AND the title for the cards are shown in a large font (relative to the width of the columns), most of my card titles are being truncated, even after considerable effort to make them shorter.

I’m new to AirTable and it looks very nice, it has potential to replace Asana for our team, but this one thing is rendering the Kanban view essentially useless for me.

Note this is a bit different from original post. Whereas OP is worried about cards being too “tall”, I actually would like them “wider” (or at least for the title to use smaller/thinner font), so you can see more of the title text without it being truncated.

Any ideas?


Agreed here – most of the processes we track using Kanban cards (which are awesome) are more than, say, 4 steps long - meaning I’d need a dual, triple or quadruple monitor setup to see the entire “board,” even with display settings adjusted. Would be super helpful to be able to visualize an entire production timeline from start to finish at a glance and more compact cards would be the first step.


i have a 5k 27’’ screen and i still need to scroll a lot with the kanban view O.o also, the titles just cut, this is not very friendly


All Airtable has to do is copy Trello.

In Trello, if you make the title too long it goes into the next line so nothing gets cut off. Even if you make the title really long and it stretches to 3 lines, it is still a really petite bubble.

Being able to view other fields within the Kanban is a nice feature since sometimes you want a large Kanban to stick out, but this should be within the control of the user otherwise it defeats the purpose of using Kanban.

Airtable, do you even Kanban?


Zoom out to like 80% or 75% in Chrome, you’ll see much more. I also pin the Kanban tab in Chrome and use it all day as a project management tool. Works pretty good until they figure this out.


Collapsible records in the Kanban view would be very helpful!


Same here,

KANBAN needs a refresh. As mentioned before i dont need the discription when its shows a colaborator or title.

Please add that option


Yes, this is a very important area to focus on to make Kanban useable. It’s a great option, but not the way it’s done. Even just allowing the title to wrap would make a great MVP solution. We can’t tell what a majority of or items are without expanding each record (due to them being truncated)



This feature (in addition to being able to complete checkboxes on linked records) will convince my team to migrate from trello