Kanban Cards Need To Be More Compact

I’d still really like more Kanban compactness. And the titles still need to wrap to multiple lines. I’m sorry, i came back two years later to check out the kanban view again and it’s still unusable. I’m starting to regret moving my team from airtable to Trello.


Hi Nathan -
It seems that Stylish extension collects user browsing history (https://robertheaton.com/2018/07/02/stylish-browser-extension-steals-your-internet-history/)? Granted I read one article that seems to suggest that and it’s from 2018. Also saw some other articles saying it’s banned. (https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2018/07/stylish-extension-with-2m-downloads-banished-for-tracking-every-site-visit/)

Any thoughts if this is still the case?


I just had a conversation with my VP of Engineering and this is a show stopper for him. So - please add my +1 to allow much more compact views of the Kanban cards. Not just font size but perhaps showing up to 3 fields on a single line?


Adding my +1 here. This seems like a very low effort high impact feature. Add me to github and I’ll finish it by tomorrow


Adding my +100000 for the ability to hide field labels in Kanban view: creates a far better aesthetic for clients, makes the cards easier to use and allows one to fit in more content. I switched from Knack - good decision except for this one glaring omission. Really essential. And +1 for wrapping, although I work round this by creating calculated truncated fields with ellipses - if people want the whole text, they can click through to the record.

Reducing font size in Kanban view, and Kanban view in IOs would both be very very helpful. thanks.

The solution here could be reducing font size, or for Airtable to wrap lengthy text onto multiple lines. As it stands now, Airtable cuts off lengthy text throughout the entire product line (kanban views, calendar views, charts, linked record fields, gallery views, and so much more).

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I’m the biggest proponent of Airtable you will meet. I’ve overhauled two orgs to run our prod and eng teams using it as our foundation but the inability to make kanban usable is shocking. We are trying to use Airtable in lieu of Jira but since you can’t decipher cards in kanban, it’s made this very difficult.

Nathan’s tweak worked for me but it’s not working anymore! Help! Starting look at Coda and Notion to pivot if this continues to fester.

Is anyone else having issues with this as of late? It worked beautifully before but it doesn’t work on my end lately.