Kanban Cards Need To Be More Compact

Can someone tell me a reason why something so simple as changing the height attribute of the kanban cell from 78px to auto is taking so long???


Pleeeeease fix this. This is a no-brainer! You need to be able to see more than like 10 letters of the card title, especially since it’s very common (and useful!) to use formulas as Titles, so you can get details in gantt and calendar views.

+1 - This single feature is a deal-breaker for me. I can use a combination of Trello/Sheets so solve 90% of my needs but AirTable could replace them both if it had a functional Card/Kanban view.

The fixed vertical width makes absolutely no sense. AirTable PMs please go use Trello for 5min. Thanks.


Is there any way of aggregating this into some sort of petition?

Or at least getting some idea if this is on the feature backlog :frowning: