Kanban - choosing a stacking group

Hi! I’m trying to create a kanban view and it won’t let me choose any of the fields from the table i’m creating a view from - it only allows for me to add in a new field which i don’t want to do. Kind of defeats the point of this view.
what button have i not pressed? any help would be appreciated!

Hi @Joanne_Burrows,

The Kanban columns can only be based on a Single Select field. The options in that Single Select field will represent the columns for the Kanban view. It needs a Single Select field because you need to be able to ensure that a record can only belong to one column at a time (only a Single option in the Single Select field can be selected for any given record), and also because it needs to know what your column titles will be (the names of your Single Select options).

None of the other field types offer that kind of structure on which to base a kanban view, so that’s why you need to have a Single Select field.

More info here:

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