Kanban columns based on formula field


Is there any way to use a Kanban view organized by a formula field? I have a workflow table with 15 checkbox fields for milestones (I tried single select first – it really isn’t intuitive for the users). I created a formula that groups the milestones into 5 “Macro Phase” groups. This works well in the grid view when grouping by Macro Phase, but it would be AWESOME to visualize it with a Kanban view.

I would rather not rely on a user having to select the Macro Phase, because that data could conflict with the checkbox data.


+1 for this, very useful feature.

Any update?


+10 for this.

I just created formulas to automatically decide on the status of a task, based on due dates and activity. It proved to be useless because Kanban views don’t recognize the outcomes of the formulas.


Why do you want Kanban if you are not going to move your records, because it is automatic?


Hi Elias,

The formula automatically updates the status of the record. So is a Kanban view would be possible, the records would move between the different statuses, but automatically.