Kanban for mobile


Hi, can I get some clarity on whether kanban will ever be available on platforms. It’s been some time now. The need is particularly great on iPad. Trello has it on phone and tablet and it works just great.


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I’m actually struggling with using airtable on my iPad as I’m still developing the base. Left the computer at work as I thought I might be able to move along with the project on my iPad pro at home. And that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but it seems as if I can’t even open the bases in Safari at all, meaning that I’m forced to use the app and in it there are numerous restrictions.

Would love to hear the reason why.


I’d like to +1 this request


Indeed a fair comment that awaits an answer for too long now.

The iPad apps are too restricted while especially the iPad form factor is perfect for using Airtable on a daily base.

SO +1 for me


Using your web browser on your phone and requesting desktop site, seems to let you see all views including kaban


Yes please and also Gallery view


That doesn’t work for me on iPad.


Can this be moved to Feature Requests?


This would be helpful.


Yes, please! Very helpful, as we’d like to manage our tasks here.


Yep, it’s 2019 and it is still not available. What burns me is that if I try to use Chrome on iOS to run Airtable it forces me to the app! That is crazy. We have gone ahead and signed up for the paid version of Trello. Airtable might be great for managing recipes, but lack of iOS support is a deal killer for us.


+1 I love Airtable but our whole company is run on Apple devices. It is difficult tote around a laptop 24/7 in order to really be able to use Airtable.