Kanban for mobile

just like trello
please to do
really need kanban mobile ver
to add, drag task function

We are Airtable users but rolling out to wider team is not possible without availability of other views on mobile devices.

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2 years later and still no response on this? I was just starting to get off from Trello to Airtable but this is definitely a setback. Hope to at least see a response from Airtable on it.

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+1 for this!
Would be great to use app instead of desktop version on mobile on ipad

You can integrate AirTable and Trello via Zapier.

It would be awesome to get the kanban, gallary and calendar into the mobile version. I know something like calendar would be really compact on mobile so that might be different.

If kanban was on mobile I would have no use for Trello. I do like Trello and don’t really mind using two different ones but would happily just use Airtable!