Kanban grouping using link fields


Is there any way to use link fields for kanban stacks. It appears that only single select fields can be used, but I would like to use a grouping field that is a lookup to another table. As a simple example, I have a location field, which is a lookup field to another table, defining locations. I would like to use that as the grouping field in a kanban view. It looks as though the only option I have currently is to duplicate the field with a single select field, and then find a way to keep both in sync?

Many thanks for any help


Kanban Structured by lookup
Single select field that is linked to a record?

I’d like the same functionality that Neil is asking for


I’d also like that to be possible.


I’d also like to have that functionality.


Also looking for this feature.


Also looking for this feature.


Also looking for this feature.


This would be great. I know kanban is about moving work along a visual pipeline. But the format has more potential. I was hoping to create a Kanban view using web pages as the stacks. I could then see and arrange content sections by page stack. It can be don by grouping, but the line up of pages and content was an appealing concept.


I’m in content publishing, and we regularly have to keep track of which content has been published, etc. across several different clients and account managers. So naturally I have to use different tables for each client as each client has a different and unique publishing schedule.

This feature would be a game-changer for me as well, as I’ve been trying to find workarounds for this for the last several hours. Tried to duplicate a column, and sync columns across two tables, but couldn’t find a solution. Using linked fields for kanban stacks would be a godsend as it’ll help me bring sync all the content across several tables


Another vote for this feature. I wouldn’t mind if dragging records isn’t supported for field types different from single select.


Another vote for this feature too!

Would allow calculated fields once an observation meets a criteria to be automatically moved along.


Please can we have this


I also really want this to be a thing. I have a to-do list, which has a link field to a projects list, and I’d like to group the todo list by project



Please add this feature!


I’m in the exact same situation…otherwise I can view from the project side, showing the tasks in a card, but only a few and not in any ‘actionable’ way (checkbox, etc.)


Another vote for this feature. Please keep the drag & drop functionality!


Is it possible to create a single select field and get the options from another table?
I am trying to view a table in Kanban mode and get the cards arranged by a particular field … but that data is currently linked to another table and not a single select field.


I wonder if this would be better solved by allowing linked records to be the basis of a Kanban view as well as single selects, rather than creating a single-select mode for linked records.


Yes, definitely. I was just hoping for a workaround.
Airtable is incredibly powerful and yet still has some huge weak spots that could turn people away.
Kanban is a great feature but needs to be more flexible in order to really leverage Airtable´s data handling possibilities.


I have the same problem. I would change to airtable if it had this simple feature.