Kanban grouping using link fields


I would love this feature. I think it would only work for single-instance links though. A record cannot be in 2 stacks at once. But I think this feature has great potential.


up-voting this as well!


+1 - we need this as well!


+1 - Yes, this would be great and seemingly very sensical for Linked Record fields with a 1-1 record connection. I see that @Katherine_Duh merged this post with another similar post, hopefully this is a good sign that this is in the development pipeline. I rarely if ever use the Kanban view for this exact reason.


can we add me to the list of people requesting this? Especially for single-link! It makes so much sense (and frankly, Kaban is the best view for my uses too but is currently severely limited). it would be nice to also be able to drag the records and change the link.

I keep thinking of ways to work around this using formulas and then I remember that those aren’t functional for that either!


One more vote to have this+ thanks!


This is a must, as organizations stack tasks in many different ways. I was trying to stack, for example

  • product releases by month,
  • content publication by week day
  • efforts by product


yea this would be a pretty awesome feature to add.


Yep, definitely important. We’re playing around with the trial version of Pro right now and a little miffed that we can’t both 1) link the Assignee column of a project task worksheet to a separate staff worksheet and 2) create a Kanban view with one stack for each staff member. A little surprising given all of the other functionalities of Airtable!


It will be really help full to my department organisation if I could specify kanban value chain based on a linked field or lookup field.

I’ve just discover airtable new week and all my team activities (Digital Learning instructional design, production, deployment, bug & issues tracking) and budget are now configured in a base.
Thank a lot for this amazing tool, it only remains for me to present to my boss airtable to create a purchase order !


+1 here. What’s the point of hiding referential integrity for us if we can’t access joined tables?


+1 here as well. I would love to see this added.


+1 here. Seems like this would be easy to implement, no? 2 years later and no word… sad.


+1 This would definitely increase my ability to use the kanban view feature more often in my bases


SIgned up with airtable, fell in love with the idea, but day 1 immediately ran into this issue. There is so much more potential for Kan Ban besides the typical stacking by status use case. Major bummer. Currently I want to stack certain events by vendor, but the vendor list should be a table not a single select.


+1 It really makes sense for single reference Link Fields



Me too please! Would like it for a jobs > tasks hierarchy. I realise you can group and view in the parent table but would prefer to be able to mess around with the Kanban views.


+1 - Use case: Sprints in one table, stories in another.


+1 for grouping by single reference link fields. Prevents me from using an otherwise great product.


The ability to “group” is most likely the reason Airtable haven’t implement the kanban for linked records.