Kanban grouping using link fields

Very useful. Please do.

In this use case auto-collapsing empty stacks would be useful.

Can’t believe this or the ability to use link record or lookup for single select dropdowns. The ONLY thing keeping us from using Airtable for operations, CRM, and project management.

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+1 Would love this feature!

Really need this feature

I would like this feature, too.

Very important feature.

For me the main thing about airtable is the kanban view, linked to table
Because this feature is missing, I need to choose between

  • kanban
  • stats (rollup per category)

If I choose for stats without kanban, I can just use excel.

If I choose for kanban without stats, I am very lacking and would need to use excel anyway.
This is a serious lack of functionality for me.
And it would mean a lot of juggling to keep both in sync, which may introduce errors.
So not an option.

Please add this.

I was also surprised to see this feature wasn’t already available. I would like to create stacks of Projects, stacked by Client and then sorted by Due Date in order to track planned social media post content that is in development, and easily determine which items to work on next for each client. This seems like a big breakdown in what is otherwise a main selling point of Airtable - the flexibility to access and present the same data in different configurations and for different purposes. The inability to organize the Kanban view by linked fields effectively segregates it from the whole.


I was building my sales pipeline and the natural way to stack it for me was a linked field… and since there are other values related to the opportunity stage it would be a very valuable feature!

Another vote for this feature please. This is a natural extension any user is going to want to do, and I honestly can’t understand why it wasn’t just baked in in the first place.

Please it’s time to do it :sunny: !

I need also to create Kanban stacked from linked record (and other field like text). Yes it could lead to huge Kanbans ! But it’s our problem not yours :wink: