Kanban grouping using link fields

I need this too. It’s another limit pushing me away.

Any news on this?
For us this is must have

Hilarious. I just posted a very similar feature request — see my linked post below.

This is absolutely one of the biggest drawbacks & biggest limitations in using Airtable — yet it applies to ALL VIEWS, not just Kanban views!! It is a major problem with the entire Airtable platform, and I really wish that the Airtable engineers would prioritize this.

If I was an engineer working on Airtable, this would be my #1 priority.


Mark me down for an up vote too. It doesn’t really make sense to have the single select functionality, but not have single record linked tables as an option. Isn’t that the benefit of Airtables?

Try Matrix Block. It may work.

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One more request for this feature. Please!

One more vote for this !

I’ve just created an account, and this is my first blocking issue.

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In addition to this thought. I would also like to add the request to be able to actually ‘Group’ by columns, therefore creating multiple collapsable kanban’s in a single view if that makes sense.

For example if I have a linked column for ‘client or account’ the only way to come close to this functionality is use the filter method then that restricts me to 1) only seeing a single client at a time 2) remembering all clients to filter by 3) not being able to see where each clients tasks are in their kanban grouped on top of each other, if that makes sense? :slight_smile: Of course we can use the group method on a regular grid view to create a similar effect but it’s not exactly the same ‘kanban’ style experience.

Hope this helps!

+1 blocking issue for switching to this platform.

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I need to allow users backend access their own user data through these views by filtering and grouping by username. I cannot believe that this capability is not available. Am i missing something here, are we suppose to use blocks or something else for this?

+1 for using Linked Fields in the Kanban View – Please help us Airtable!

Any development here @Airtable_Admin1 or others? This is really problematic as we have to maintain a “Single Select” duplicate of our Link to Records column which increases margin of error substantially. The main reason we use airtable over others is for the data relationships and removal of manual redundancy.

+1 to single select getting its data from a linked table. Kanban grouping would be the most obvious application, but I’m sure there would be others.

While you’re at it, if that “get” of the data from the linked table could be filtered based on the value of some column in the current table… that would make the general feature twice as useful. i.e. don’t show the data-enterer the values that aren’t relevant for the particular row they’re entering.

+1 for this functionality – This would be a game changer!

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plus 1 here. I just started creating my first project based on a modified template and hit this limitation right away.

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Yes please and for all the reasons already stated.

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Same requirement here! As an long time Airtable fan and paying user, Kanban can only be used for single select field is so inconvienent! Badly need this feature! It’s been 4 years! Plz @VictoriaPlummer


This would be great!

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Would like also to have this kind of functionality.
I have to show a kanban view of product backlog features group by product.
very usefull for portfolio management.
Today only workaround I see is to copy as many views as number of product and to embed those views in a specific intranet page.
This features would lead many of my product owners to use airtable to show their product plans