Kanban grouping using link fields

Being able to utilize the linked fields here is feeling like a really big limitation to expand my data. Not sure if votes count… but for what its worth +1 from me…


I also will cast a vote. But I am curious, does anyone from Airtable read these? I have seen multiple-year requests like this without any acknowledgment from Airtable, are we all just talking to the wind?


+1 from me too. It is too restrictive in it’s current form.

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+1 Game Changer, 100%

does this workaround still work? i can’t seem to select a lookup field for the matrix block

+1 5+ years later. The gyrations required to move to single select are such a waste.


+1 I really need this.

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I have been using Airtable for years and years and I have needed this feature for years and years. Airtable: Can you not understand how important this feature is? This is the basics of relational databases. The problem is always the same: I have a record of vendors, and I have a record of orders. Or I have a record of employees and a record of tasks. I want to link vendors to orders, and kanban orders by vendor.

Every time I try to use Airtable to solve a problem, I run into this. I can’t progress past this, and this is what keeps me from really fully committing to the product.