Kanban/Trello View for table?


How about a Kanban/Trello view, to drag and drop cells like cards and move rows like stacks.


+1 on this idea. It fits into the whole “views” approach with Airtable – we have a grid view, a form view, a calendar view, so why not a kanban view?


Adding the Kanban view to the existing views would make Airtable an absolute killer app. Goodbye Trello, Jira, Kanbanchi, Kasban, etc. The lack of a Kanban view is the the one thing that is holding me from going crazy and dumping all my work life on Airtable.


Definitely need Kanban view. Trello still my main app until this feature implemented.


I asked for this same feature months ago! You’ll be happy to know this feature is being beta tested:

I have access to the beta and it’s awesome.

At first I was disappointed because I wanted a card based, horizontal experience. But this way of seeing things is way more flexible.

In trello you have to define your lists, your stages a card can be in. With Airtable grouping I can change that on the fly. So one second I can look at my preset stages and the next I can group by due date or type of project.

Another benefit - I can see information at a glance without “turning a card” around.

The real killer is the ability to drag and drop between groups! Just like in Trello I can move a record from “Doing” to “Done” in a very pleasing drag and drop way.

Use the link I posted above to sign up for the beta.


Thank you very much. This is not a Trello/Kanban view, but it is certainly very appealing. The summary bar is a great bonus.


Thanks @Hashim_Warren – I am using the grouping feature and I like it very much. But orientations to vertical and horizontal presentations have meanings that are deeply embedded in our minds. Some of my work (long lists that rely heavily on written language and verbal distinctions) benefit from Airtable’s vertical grouping; other work depends more on visual relations and objects (like workflow process) and benefits from the horizontal layout of kanban. Since Airtable has introduced the concept of views, one needn’t settle (in theory) for an almost-right presentation – that is, the two need not be mutually exclusive. So I’m still hoping for a kanban view.


So since we’ve just launched our kanban view, I’m going to close out this topic. Go forth and stack, drag, and drop to your heart’s content!

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