Keep Multiple Option selection box active while selecting multiple options


When selecting values in a Multiple Option field, you must click the “select an option” button in between each value you select. This is true on both grid view and form view. I have Multiple Options fields that have over fifty options (in once case, all the towns in a county). Selecting more than a couple/few of those gets pretty tedious.

Since a Multiple Option field is expected to have multiple values, could the pop-up selection box be made to remain active until all of the desired values are selected? You’re already doing this very well with your “Hide Columns” box:


Hi @Chris_Sanders, that’s a really neat idea, I can see how useful that would be when there are a lot of options. I’ll pass your feedback along to the web team. Thanks and please keep the suggestions coming!


I have a couple of clients who could really use this. Any updates or workarounds?


This would be really useful for me as well. I’m often selecting a number of records that I’m linking, and it’s pretty tedious right now. Perhaps if you hold “Ctrl” while selecting it would leave the selection window open?


Currently the Android app does this - I think it’s a great idea for the browser version.


Yes, this would be really useful, also for multiple linked records.

It would also be good to apply a selected option/record to more than one row in an instance. Would be especially useful when assigning similar roles to many people in a group.


Yes! I need this! It would also be useful if you could reorder a list of options more easily than to drag and drop each one individually. If there was an option to sort alpha/numerically, I would be ecstatic!



Any news on this feature, it would be really helpful when you have more than 10 options.