Keeping track of receipts


Hi all

I’m trying to keep track of receipts on Airtable but i’m struggling. Basically I am trying attach the receipts to projects so I can work out the profit/loss but I cannot work out how to keep track of multiple items.

What I mean is, if I have a fuel receipt (say £10) to meet a client and the job is worth £100, I know I’ll make £90 profit.

That is easy enough to record but If I have a receipt from a supplier for: 1 plank of wood for £20, 1 set of tools for £30 and 1 door for £30 and only 1 or 2 of those items are for that job and the other one is for another job, how can I track this?

The only way I can think of is to add a record for each item on the receipt, which means repeating the date and supplier but at least it would work, does anyone else record receipts?


I would try one table for reciepts with your attachment and then add a second linked table that contains the line item for each reciept. You can use a roll-up of the line items to give the reciept total on the 1st table.