Keyboard shortcut for audio playback in Attachment field

Attachment field type has a nice preview element for audio files. They can be played by clicking on the ‘play’ icon. Is there a keyboard shortcut for playing those file? I didn’t find it in the official list.

Does the space bar work? If not, same answer as your other post here:

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Space bar doesn’t do that. It expands the record. From an expanded record I need to mouse-click to play the file.
Shift+Space expands the cell, but then again nothing to play.
Enter opens a window ‘Select a file to upload’.

This question is indeed related to the other one that you replied to, about custom shortcuts (Custom keyboard shortcuts for quick actions: how to make?). For audio playback specifically I was hoping to discover native functionality, because this is about using a single standard UI element (audio playback inside Attachment field type). For the other question about custom shortcuts, no such hopes :slight_smile:

Best you can do is add it as a feature request in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.

Keyboard Maestro might be able to help, not sure. Keyboard Maestro can perform mouse clicks.

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Thank you, I’ll look into Keyboard Maestro and its alternatives. And will add a feature request, why not :slight_smile:

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