Keyboard shortcut for delete record

Subject says all. Would be a nice enhancement. Mousing around interrupts my flow.

Cheers, Arthur.


Agree majorly! This is critical to my workflow.

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I third that. Any staff member available to comment on the possible inclusion of this?

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This is super critical! A basic feature in Sheets and Excel. Airtable’s UI is super friendly. Good keyboard control is mendatory though.

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Nearly two years later and still no response from staff. Cmon Airtable, this is a really basic super user feature. :pray:


Agreed. I can’t believe this doesn’t exist.

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No keyboard shortcut yet?

+1. Any updates on this?

Also requesting this feature. Very inefficient managing hundreds of records by clicking a checkbox with a mouse instead of a quick hotkey to delete.

There’s a faster way to select multiple records without using the checkboxes. Click in any field of any record. Shift-click into any other field of any other record. Airtable selects all fields (and records) between the two. Right-click anywhere in the selection, and choose “Delete all selected records.”

I agree, makes me waste precious seconds. Come on Airtable !

Dear Airtable, please develop a Delete Record keyboard shortcut ASAP. This is an essential feature.
Thank you,
Michael Salafia