Keyboard shortcut to allow inserting new row & starting in first cell


It would be really nice if you could hit something like ctrl+shift+enter to insert a new row, and then start in the first column to speed up data entry.

I find myself having to shift+tab all the way back to the first cell to start on the next line.


You could use ctrl+ ← left arrow for a faster shortcut than shift+tab all the way back, hope this helps.


I’ve also wanted a way to add a new record with a simple keyboard combination. It’s easy enough to do it if there is already a row in focus - just control-enter.

However if I have just done a search to find out if a particular item is in a table, discover it isn’t and want to add it - then I need to use the mouse to focus on the table before entering control-enter. Any simple interaction that requires both a mouse and keyboard interactions is wasted motion. (I did find out I could do a Control-A [select all] followed by Control-Enter but that seems non-intuitive.)


Not really, if you’re in a text field, shift+enter adds a new row, but you must hit esc to exit the text entry mode, and then hit ctrl+left to go to the beginning of the row.

I want to be able to quickly enter data, and it feels very sluggish to do so atm.


ctrl+enter does not trigger the creation of a new row for me?

Shift+Enter does, but it still leaves me in the same column that I was before, which is useful for some cases, but not for others.


Heck, I would be happy if any keyboard combo would work to create a new row without first actively being in a cell of the table.