Keyboard Shortcuts Should Be a List of Actions Not Commands


The current shortcut menu show the command on the left and the action on the right. People don’t look up an action to see what it does. Rather, they look for the action they want and its related shortcut.

I want to know, for example, how to toggle the table switcher not what CMD J does, but the current keyboard shortcut table doesn’t help find that. You have to search for the action.

That is, the left hand column should be an alfa list of actions and the right hand column the keyboard shortcut.


Just look to the right column first :smile: I think the lines are ordered by Sections and Actions (by relevance). About the alphabetic order, I think people doesn’t know the name of the actions (I would search for Filters in the F letter, but the action is called Toogle...)

Also you can use Cmd + F to find what you want in the browser.


I understand Elias’s answer, but I think that it’s a workaround. Granted the table would need to be redone, but it’s not convenient for users. For example, I’d like the table to list each action, then the command on the right. If there were more than one command per action, they could be numbered to prevent confusion.