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Does Shift + Enter (New Record) supposed to work on Airtable app running under MacOS? It doesn’t for me, so is this an issue?

Works as expected for me. Are you referring to the Mac App or a Mac running a browser? That seems to work for me as well with Mac OSX Mojave.


Either one … seems odd. Do you have a record selected before it works, or can you open a table and immediately Shift + Enter to add a record? I inadvertently see it works if my cursor is in a an open field of another record … but otherwise no joy. Using the latest released MacOS Catalina, and multiple browsers.

No, but that’s expected behavior, right? Since you’ve not given the event key handler any context, what should it assume? New record? New view? New block? New table?

Bill thanks for the replies.

So I guess I would expect the event handler to interpret Shift + Enter as specific to New Record if you have the table open, since that what the documentation says, and there are other combinations for other things.

I just opened a databases and would expect Shift + Enter insert a new record at the end of the table. Instead, it does nothing. I have to actually select a field in another record, then it works, inserting a record after that record.

Indeed, this is a highly nuanced question because when a table’s tab is selected, there is still no focus set - the UI doesn’t really know your intent at that point. You might want to create a new view, hide a field, or run a script.

As such, the UI guys are likely reluctant to assume your intent is to perform key bindings to records vs to columns or many other possibilities.

Correct - if your focus is in records, Shift + Enter logically creates new records. If you were in the script editor, it should insert a new line, not a new record, despite the fact that a table was indeed selected.

Or any column as well.

In my view, we should be able to configure the keymapping to whatever we each want. :wink:

Thanks, doc does say below the selected cell, though I missed that “nuance”.

The nice thing about nuances; there are so many to choose from. :wink:

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