Last modified time [SOLVED]


UPDATE 2: last modified time is now available to everyone! You can learn more about it here.

UPDATE: The last modified time beta is now closed as we get ready for a general release. Thanks to all of the testers who made this beta a success.


Hi folks! We’re very excited to announce that we’re beta testing a last modified time field type, as well as a LAST_MODIFIED_TIME formula function. Many thanks to the users who’ve posted specific, detailed feedback about their needs and use cases with regard to this feature, like @Arlo_Haskell, @Deborah_Buck, and @Jordan_Friedman. We read everything that is posted here in the forums and your feedback is incredibly valuable for us when we’re planning the product roadmap and developing new features!

If you’re a Pro plan user and you’re interested in testing out the last modified time field type and/or the LAST_MODIFIED_TIME formula function—and giving us your feedback—please sign up using this form. (Note: this is a different form from our standard beta signup form, and it requires you to fill out a couple of additional questions.)

As you are all aware, this is a highly anticipated feature, and there are many users who would like to get beta access. However, for technical reasons and to ensure an optimal user experience, rollout for this beta will be conducted in small, limited batches. (In practical terms, that means that it might take a while for you to get access.)

Last updated field?
Time of Record Field Change
Add "Updated Timestamp" for rows returned via an API call

Thanks Emmet!

This will really help when using the API, especially when caching and/or syncing is involved.

~ Tim


just been looking for this, would be really useful to have a last modified time.

I’ve seen the creation timestamp exists now but not sure a last modified timestamp exists yet? @Tim_Dietrich?


Hi Stuart.

No, we don’t have a modified timestamp… yet.

~ Tim

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ok thanks for the reply @Tim_Dietrich


I’d like to add a plus one for a date modified function.


agreed, last modified would be extremely useful. I’d like it a the row level i.e. when was this row last modified


Created and modified date fields are coming soon! In the meantime, you can actually use a formula column to get the created time:

Knowing when there is a change to the record

I’ve done that, but then filtering by date specific criteria i.e.: today / yesterday isn’t available.

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Something related to this the ability to capture who has done an action. I have table that contains work orders, and I’d like to auto-populate a field that captures who has created the work order (which is actually a field linked to the people table). It’s related to date created and date modified, but should be it’s own thing.

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Hi Andrew, any update on this?

It’s an absolute killer-feature that would make us use airtable for much bigger projects in our company than we do right now. We are desperately waiting for a last-changed field.




I’m using the API to sync data with Google calendar and Google documents, and having a date/time modified field is necessary to make this happen. I know that Airtable knows the date/time a record was changed; can we get that exposed in the API?


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Any progress on this? This seems like a critical database feature for collaboration, and it’s been over a few months. Please mark my vote for adding this feature.


I’d like to make a plea that a modified timestamp be made available in the API…like now. :slight_smile: Surely it’s available internally, and without it, true syncing over the API is not possible.




+1 we need a last modified timestamp.


I’m definitely a +1 on this one.
Andrew - any updates on when this would be released?

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@Andrew any update on this?

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I’d love to have a MODIFIED_TIME() as well, would be really helpful!

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+1 on modified timestamp!


+1 surely a must-have!