Last modified time


+1 on a modified timestamp here too


me too! please add a modified timestamp!!!


I like the alternative: CREATED_TIME(). Is there a way to format the date?
Currently it appears like this: 2016-11-04T16:18:39.000Z

I would like it to appear as: 11/4/2016 4:18pm


I would love to see the following time-stamps. ETA on this?

created time
last modified time
created by user



This is definitely keeping me from investing much time into Airtable.


+1 for a last modified formula!!!


I too would like to have a formula for last modified please!


+1 to last modified timestamps. Please!


I would use “last modified” to organize tasks and measure how long they took to get done


Agreed. Not using the service because it is lacking this functionality.


another +1 for auto “created date” and “modified date”! Couldn’t the created date just be the date field with an option for default?


How can I control the timezone of the create date timestamp? It’s about 5 hours ahead of me…


I’d love their to be a way to automatically add the date created to a field. And yes date modified would help too. Thanks!


+1. This is a blocking issue for the future use of Airtable for us



Actually, we do have a way to get a record’s “date created” value now. You can create a Formula Field and set it’s formula to: CREATED_TIME()

I hope that helps.



OK if there’s anybody out there. Answer is TIMEZONE. My case:
Results in:
1/17/2017 11:30 AM


Any timeline on providing modified time? it would be very helpful and a key ability for the task-tracking table I want to create. (and would get me parity with my current google spreadsheet macro).


+1 for this too. Additionally a “modified by” feature addition as well.


Thanks Tim,
How do I make a proper formula that includes my timezone preference?
This does not work:
CREATED_TIME() SET_TIMEZONE(datetime, ‘America/Los_Angeles’)


You would want to wrap the two functions, like this:

SET_TIMEZONE(CREATED_TIME(), ‘America/Los_Angeles’)

However, that doesn’t seem to be returning the correct time when I test it.