Last modified time


Hi Tim,
I tested
SET_TIMEZONE(CREATED_TIME(), ‘America/Los_Angeles’)
and indeed it does not set the timezone properly.
What do you suggest?
Thanks, Kerry


Hi Kerry,

In order to get your formula to work, you’ll need to include the DATETIME_FORMAT function in addition to the SET_TIMEZONE function, so, e.g.:


You can specify the output using the format specifiers listed in this support article. Hope this helps!


That worked, thank you!!!


This would be extremely useful!


Is there any news on this topic ?

I believe it would be more appropriate to have a “default value” available on date type fields.
Setting the default value to whatever static date we want OR set it to “created_time()” or “updated_time()” would be an awesome feature !!


+1 for this feature too please, folks. Thank you!


Would love for this to be easier. Perhaps be able to select timezone as a field attribute using Customize? :smiley:


+1 for Date Modified which should automatically update a date and time when a row changes.


Yes! Most other apps I’ve used offer auto-generated fields like date created, last modified date, created by, modified by, etc. Would definitely love to get these kind of options in AirTable.



same question, is it possible now?



I’d like to second the points made above, this would be a killer feature for use in my company also. Absolutely loving so many of the great features airtable has so far, but the absence of a modified (or ‘completed’) timestamp feature presents an obstacle for us.

I haven’t been able to find a MODIFIED_TIME() feature within the table’s formula option yet - is this data available in some way via the API?


+1 for modified timestamp - could this also log which field was updated?


+10 We need to be able to make a column hat tells us when the prior column was updated, per record.


It would be great to add a field like “auto number” that dropped in the date (or date and time) that a record was created. This would be very useful when combined with the forms/survey feature.



One more vote for “last modified date/time.” It’s a basic database field - please add it as soon as you can. Thank you.


Well it’s been 16 months. Any update on a modified date field?

In addition, are there any technical reasons that this is taking so long to implement? I’m not a programmer so my curiosity is sincere. It seems like your system internal has to know when records are changed; hence the record history. So I’m puzzled as to why this is so difficult to add to the API?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.

Is it possible to identify all records revised in the last two weeks

any date when this will be added?


Ive just signed up and love what I see so far, but have just hit my first snag - the last modified date. Please add it!
Thanks in advance.


+1 Really need this to make updates to a data base


Yes, please! I’m searching for this feature too. It seems there’s excellent, detailed modification information in the ‘history’ section of the expanded record view. So the info is definitely in there, but no way to access the data or work with it in formulas.

It would really be fantastic to be able to filter or group a view by “updated today” “updated this week”, etc. Maybe this is already a feature, but I haven’t found it.

Hope this is coming soon to a screen near me! :slight_smile: