Last modified time


Would it be possible to make a field type that would update with the last update of the Revision History? It would be awesome for us to track exactly where projects/comments are in real-time just by looking at our overview sheet.

Is there a way to currently do this? If not, is there any chance that this could be added in a future release?



Hi Matt, is this still being planned?


+1 for this as well. Also, I’d like to know WHO modified. Not sure if this is possible. An audit log would be amazing somehow.


One more plus one to needing this feature! I’ll jump ship to a CRM if this feature is not available. Please give us word on release for this feature, I need it today!
Creating a separate record for every interaction is possible, but clunky for my needs. A date modified, or ability to set Date/time on checkbox and have it stay the same until update of checkbox is what I need :slight_smile:


+1 for the 'last modified" cell feature. Especially since Zapier does not create zaps based on Airtable updated records - this field is a MUST for us to make this work across our teams.


Same here, very much needed for automation purposes. That would be a great addition.


I came here watching tutorials, excited about airtables potential for my company. I even hired a consultant in anticipation of the transition. When I finally started mapping things out, I realized how little tracking was actually possible without the last modified date. I thought I’d try to potentially make a workaround, but after seeing Airtable support say its coming multiple times, without giving any update to previous questions, it makes me really question the level of support they are giving the product. I don’t want to initiate a huge company switch to a new product where they aren’t even properly communicating or responding on apparently critical issues for its users. I can understand dev cycles and bigger priorities, but you should atleast be updating like we are real people instead of posting the same message for years.


Just a brief note. I too would like LAST_MODIFIED_TIME as a feature. For example I wanna do a chart from CREATED_TIME to LAST_MODIFIED_TIME to show some records as bars, using your Chart Block. That would be useful. But seems not possible. It’s an easy thing to add surely?


Are there any updates on when last modified time will be available?


Absolutely Correct

I bought the Pro account for the whole team, and working midnight here setting up internal process tools using Airtable. Major disappointment without the last modified field



+1 for modified timestamp. Reading through this thread - looks like it’s been in discussion for years. Would be really helpful.


my +1 too. And maybe I’m not getting something, but seems like a company that specializes in linking data should be able to look up a record’s activity feed and return the most recent time stamp. Overall great product though, and hopefully we see some of the recent $52M fundraising used to roll out a few more feature requests!


Has the last modified timestamp been added yet?? It looks like its taking ages :frowning:

Airtable has changed my life but the lack of this feature is disheartening. Please give us an ETA gang!



There must be a hundred people requesting a last modified field. Come on Airtable!


I’m going to add my +1 here as well… I have a client that really would like to use Airtable as a front end for a back end data system that I have built for them, but like so many others, without a way to track record changes, this becomes very difficult.


I sign up to this community just to say that I seriously need this field modified timestamp. It is a difference that may make me try to convince my boss to buy the service for the whole company. But now … nope.



And really disappointing to see the lack of response from the team about an - even extremely approximative - ETA, like seriously, how many more hundreds of your users do you need to be asking for this to at least answer or explain why it’s taking so long ? an entire year without a single message from you while the requests keep piling on … :frowning:



really need this. it’s an amazing omission.


Hey @Emmett_Nicholas.

About three years ago you wrote that you guys were looking into creating “last modified time”.

Any progress with this?



Hi all-

I needed this feature for my own application, so I ended up writing a hack that uses the Airtable API and updates a “Last Updated” column when records change.

It’s definitely not zero-coding to get up and running (you need either put files on a server or schedule a continuously-running job on your computer) but it does work! It even sends you e-mails about whether any updates have happened.

Here’s the GitHub repository, which includes set-up instructions: (link corrected).

I just wrote this for my own use, but I’ll be happy if it helps out anyone else! Feel free to DM me if you have trouble getting it set up.