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Corrected link to code:


+1 for this feature request

@alexanian Are you familiar with It’s essentially a Git repo that allows people to remix and run code, with minimum technical skills required. This would be nice to have it set-up and updated as a project there.


+1 for this feature. Have several people updating a database of company records and another database of NGOs and volunteers and would love to know when we last updated info about each.


+1 - Add me to the list. Any ETA for then this update will be available?

    1. Need last modified timestamp


Obligatory “why is this not implemented yet?”


So when i edit content. And expand the view it actually has the modify date right inside there.
Would it not be easy to use this as a reference for the code?


+1 any update on this?


@Airtable_Team @Airtable_Support Hello?


any updates @Airtable_Team


+1 for this feature as well


Also +1 for this feature. Would be great to hear an update @Airtable_Team


Finishing up building a new product info system and looking for this feature as well before we start sharing access to a wider group.


Add yet another to the list requesting LAST_MODIFIED().
Airtable Team: It looks like this request has been floating out there for quite a while - any updates?


It looks like there’s plenty of support for this already, but wanted to make sure I put my name down for a last modified field as well!!


+1 for Last Modified Timestamp … essential


+1. Created Time is great, but adding these remaining missing cols would be incredibly helpful:

  • created user
  • last modified time
  • last modified user


+1 for date / time of record modified


+1!!! Need this to try and move into using AT as frontend


c’mon guys. This is a no brainer. Please give us an update +1