Last modified time


Yet another reminder. @Airtable_Support, can you please at least respond to all of us here and tell us whether you still plan to do this, and when a realistic release date might be?


+1, just want to add my voice here.


yes a very critical feature request, make it your first priority please

adding a handful of new field types

  • created time
  • last modified time
  • created by user


Please can you give us a timeline of either this, or webhooks for updated records? This is one of the things that would really be holding us back from migrating a CRM. Right now there isn’t really a good way to integrate with a marketing automation system, as there isn’t an easy way for us to sync the marketing contacts with the airtable records… We would constantly have to loop through all the records and check that the object is the exact same in both systems.


Would Love a last modified/updated timestamp!


+1 For last modified field or webhooks. Is there a mailing list we can get on for specific feature updates?!? Much appreciated!


+1 It looks like the feature is in development? It’d be nice to at least hear what the progress has been.


+1 Would love to see the last modified feature as well.


+1 on last modified request!


Hello. I’d also like to see a Last Modified function, to tell me when a record or even a given field in a record was last modified. Similar to the extant CREATED_TIME() function.

We use Zapier’s “new record in view” trigger to build a MailChimp mailing list for upcoming events. Sometimes an email address changes. Ideally I would use the Last Modified function in a filter that shows me only those records where the email address has changed since the date of event-ticket purchase.

I gather from the thread here that this has been in progress for some time. Hope to see it rolled out soon.

Thank you.


+1M to make “lastModifiedTime” for each record along with “createdTime” that you have. Why it is being so hard to add this column in your schema? This is so basic feature to have. It would make help to integrate with your APIs. Don’t you store the last modified timestamp already in your persistence layer? All we are looking for is to expose it in the API response as well:

TEST_TABLE record: {“records”:[{“id”:“recNtemt9W2GgTd3J”,“fields”:{“Name”:“test”,“Notes”:“Test 4\n”},“createdTime”:“2018-09-19T22:35:26.000Z”, “lastModifiedTime”: “Please_Provide_this_field__”}]}

This request has been open since 2015, I am surprised to see it has not yet been added to the APIs response over last 3 years. What is the underlying issue which is making it so hard to add this field? Can someone from Airtable team provide any insights on it?

Thanks in advance.



Valuable and needed


Joining the party. +1 for this feature.


Still no update?

We have more people adopting our Airtable solution for product information and this is more and more critical.

@Airtable_Support @Airtable_Team


Any updates on the progress of this feature? @Airtable_Team @Airtable_Support


+1 to last modified timestamps. Please! At the very least a progress update would be nice :slight_smile:


+1 to last-modified timestamps. This is an essential element for tracking information efficiently. Thank Airtable!


+1 … I like to imagine my reply will be the one that tips this over the edge after 3+ years.


I would pay for airtables if this where a feature


Any update here? it’s been 5 months… we need this feature as our zaps are breaking all the time when trying to add a timestamp.

Also, @alexanian already wrote the code… how hard is it to do this?