Last Modified Timestamp


Moving this discussion into the feature requests section.

Date Field AutoUpdate on Last Change/Addition
Last Modified Timestamps
Customized Field Type Last Revision History Status
Add "Updated Timestamp" for rows returned via an API call

Is there a way to get a record’s creation and/or last modified timestamp?

Perhaps using a formula field or through meta info provided through the API?

~ Tim


Right now there’s no way to programmatically ascertain creation/modified timestamps.

However, we’ll be adding a handful of new field types in the coming months, and three of them will almost certainly be:

  • created time
  • last modified time
  • created by user

These field types will be “uneditable” just like formula fields.


Thanks Emmet!

This will really help when using the API, especially when caching and/or syncing is involved.

~ Tim


just been looking for this, would be really useful to have a last modified time.

I’ve seen the creation timestamp exists now but not sure a last modified timestamp exists yet? @Tim_Dietrich?


Hi Stuart.

No, we don’t have a modified timestamp… yet.

~ Tim


ok thanks for the reply @Tim_Dietrich


Any progress on this? This seems like a critical database feature for collaboration, and it’s been over a few months. Please mark my vote for adding this feature.


I’d like to make a plea that a modified timestamp be made available in the API…like now. :slight_smile: Surely it’s available internally, and without it, true syncing over the API is not possible.




+1 we need a last modified timestamp.


+1 on modified timestamp!


+1 surely a must-have!


+1 on a modified timestamp here too


me too! please add a modified timestamp!!!


I would love to see the following time-stamps. ETA on this?

created time
last modified time
created by user



This is definitely keeping me from investing much time into Airtable.


+1 for a last modified formula!!!


I too would like to have a formula for last modified please!


+1 to last modified timestamps. Please!


I would use “last modified” to organize tasks and measure how long they took to get done