Laste dates formula


I got two relate tables (bases).
table A with fields including a field to pick up date(s) fields from table B (multiple dates)
table B with date fields (column).
I need to insert a formula fields (column) with result the last date (1 result) from related table B.
Example in base A in the field “dates” i’ve got 5/11/2016, 6/11/2018, 9/12/2017 (picked up from tabel B)
In base A i need a formula field “last date” with the nearest (or greatest) date 6/11/2018

How can i get that?

Thnak you


You can use the MAX(value1, value2...) function in a formula.


Or you can do this in a Rollup field in Table A. Instead of using a “Lookup” field to pull dates in from Table B, use a Rollup field that uses the MAX(values) Rollup function.


yeah! it works with the Rollup
Thank you so much Jeremy