Launched: 5 new blocks from Miro, Formstack Documents, Loom, Typeform, and Pexels!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve opened up our blocks platform to five trusted partners to create deeply integrated experiences that combine the power of Airtable with their respective products.

Learn more:


That is very impressive, great job!

Are there plans for the Typeform block to support linked fields? Having conditional logic and linked field selection would be a huge plus for me. Thanks, this is great!


I’m having issues adding a miro board. Upon clicking “Add a Miro Board” in the Blocks tab, Google Chrome opens but to a blank page. I am logged into my Miro account in another tab.

I’ve also tried logging out of my Miro account prior to clicking “Add a Miro Board,” and Google Chrome opens a page that only displays “Not Authorized.”

Can someone advise how best to solve for this?

@Kasra Does the Formstack block support multiple line items on an invoice?

These line items would be located in either a linked field or a lookup field in the table. (And there would also be associated price fields in a lookup as well.)

The Formstack demos only show single-value fields, not lookups or linked fields.