Launched: conditional relational fields (lookup, rollup, and count)

Could you clarify? You are allowed to specify any fields in the foreign table, and you can create a formula column in the foreign table and filter on its results if you’re looking to do something more sophisticated?


Creating an extra field in the foreign table only works if the data you want to use in the function is in that foreign table. But what if the data isn’t in the foreign table, but the current table?

Say I have a category field in the main table, and I only want to look up data in the foreign table that is in that category? (And before you ask, I can’t link the two tables together using the category field, because that field is a formula, and you can’t link on a formula.)


Ah I understand. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass it on to the team.



I think that it probably does happen, at least to some degree, but not on these forums, and not with the people you have in mind when you use the terms “power users” and “professional developers”. I think Airtable’s core business drivers are enterprise accounts with large scale customers (they advertise that they have the business of the likes of Expedia, JetBlue, Time, etc). They have a whole department of employees that cater to helping these large scale, enterprise customers build out their business solutions. I’m betting that most of their user feedback comes from those avenues, and not from people like you and me chatting on these forums. :man_shrugging:t2:

From what I have seen on this community forum, Airtable’s team cares about all their customers, not just power users or professional developers. I have seen Airtable staff reply many times to both the power user / professional developer, and to the small user who has never given Airtable any money at all.

I don’t know how Airtable’s team decides who to solicit feedback from and who to give early access to beta features, but I appreciate that they do not restrict these things to only professional developers.

While Airtable has many feature requests that haven’t been implemented yet, the same is true for any major piece of software.

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True that community forum seams a dead end sometimes because not enough users are talking of a specific issue but, 1 year ago I explained in a private help chat to an Airtable employee the link field order issue, last first and first last. He wasn’t aware that was an issue for some users and told me they will look into it. Since then they have implemented the reverse order button into the linked fields. My point is as a Pro user or at any level you should talk to these guys directly via the help so they will look into your request and it will definitely weight in the feature or problem solution you are requesting.

Hi !

I’m still a javascript Learner, I’m a Power User Aspirant and maybe one day I’ll become an Airtable Expert in my current or future job.
In any case, I’m working hard to get there.
I would like to highlight how much I agree with what @kuovonne wrote in the lines I quote below:

I sometimes feel a certain delay in obtaining certain improvements that I find fundamental as a user of bases and tables filled with words, sentences, text instead of numbers, while other requests from me remain unsatisfied.

But I clearly prefer this slow development of a tool (airtable) whose UX is remarkably well taken into account and very successful, of a tool protected from major issues, and this privileged contact with active Developers at airtable than to learn that a huge IT Company would have bought airtable before making this privileged communication almost impossible.

As a reminder, my 3 priority wishes because absolutely necessary in my use of airtable for my job are:

  • RTF (keyword in Script-Block-Forum and in Launched) ;
  • UI larger and deeper programmatic control by SCRIPT, maybe reserved to Paid-Plans to avoid tables-creation Bots attempts from anywhere ? (Script-Block is available for Free-Tiers till September 2020)
  • Hooks (keyword in Script-Block-Forum and in Product Suggestion) ;

Thank you airtable and continue like that with us small “Pro Plan” accounts and with the Experts, the Consultants!



Who did you reach out to, and how did you choose who to reach out to?

In 2020 we’ve seen a very noticeable uptick in Airtable staff’s presence in the forums, and much more frequent feature releases. Things like the scripting contests give us a chance to flaunt our stuff, and give AT a chance to learn how power-users test and use the new tools, presumably to help focus new improvements down the line.

I’d kill for a product release roadmap and things aren’t perfect, but we would be remiss not to mention the recent changes as though AT has made no effort at all to engage with us.


Yes, I do agree that 2020 has seen gigantic improvements so far! They’ve been rolling out big new features at a steady pace! :smiley: I’m so excited to see what the future holds for Airtable.

That’s also great to hear that you’ve seen an uptick in Airtable’s presence in the forums — that’s precisely what I was asking for. :slight_smile: That was essentially my entire point.

I totally love Airtable, and I’m in it for the long haul. :slight_smile: My interest is in seeing the platform grow & DOMINATE in this category of low-code/no-code cloud-based database platforms!

My only concern was that many of us here have so much in-the-field knowledge about how the product can improve in the best ways possible to really NAIL our clients’ needs. So, if we had more dialogues between Airtable staff & us (maybe even a few focus groups with us), we could help prevent losing Airtable customers like that one customer who I referenced above. Knowing that a new feature is coming down the line, or that Airtable has prioritized a new feature for the future — can help us plan for the future, attract new customers, and retain Airtable customers. Even receiving simple confirmations from them like, “Yes, we hear you — we agree that this is a really important feature” or “We’ve thought about that internally, and it’s not a high priority for us right now because of XYZ” would go a long way.

I am extremely enthusiastic & upbeat & positive about Airtable (and I am an extremely positive person in general). My only concern was more communication & engagement, please. And it sounds like they’re moving in that direction, which is absolutely fantastic! :smiley:

Oh, and better documentation. :wink: Lol.

But overall: Airtable for the win! :blush::trophy::1st_place_medal:

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I don’t remember the name of the person I was in touch with but I used this directly in the Base:

Maybe this has been answered before, but I’m wondering if these new features will help with an issue I’ve been trying to solve. If I have a Client Orders table I use to generate invoices, can I use the new features of the Count field to increment invoice numbers for particular clients. So that I can autogenerate order numbers such as: Client A Order 1001, Client A Order 1002, Client B Order 1001, Client C Order 1001, Client B Order 1002? It seems like it should be simple, but keep running into self-referential field problems.

The new features listed here probably won’t help with what you want. However, this setup that I outlined a while back probably will:

This is super super helpful!! Great job Airtable!

Ah, I see this is rather recent feature to Airtable.
this only allows me to draw from records foreign table on foreign table’s condition.
But I want to draw records from foreign table on current table’s condition.
Is it possible to do that?
so for example
I have organization table and individual table. and the individuals are linked to the organization.
Both have their own address, but many of the individual follows organization’s address in my case.
So what I’m trying to do is, I want to make conditions of “leave the individuals address empty” and when the individual’s address is empty, “lookup from the organization’s address”.
Right now, I cannot get what I want, the condition of when “field” is empty only applies to foreign table, not the current table.

it would be great if Airtable listens to me, or anybody who knows how to solve this problem leave their opinion to me.

This can be handled with a lookup field on the individual table that points to the company address along with a formula field on the same table that checks the address field of the same table to see if it exists. If it does then have it output the address. Otherwise have it use the lookup value (the company address). Hope that helps!

Ciao Katherine,

Can we please have some DYNAMIC options, similar to how automations are configured. The dynamic sub text would read something along the lines of “Use variables from other fields within destination table”


This Addition what facilitate applications similar to the case outlined in the below forum post!

Conditional Linking - Ask the community - Airtable Community Forum

@ScottWorld what do you think?

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Yes, this is one of the most important missing features of Airtable. They’ve already added it to Automations, but they haven’t added it to the rest of the product.

There are an endless amount of scenarios that would benefit from this addition. It would literally elevate Airtable from a “simple database app” to a more robust database app.

The Airtable Team doesn’t read our messages in this forum, so PLEASE be sure to send an email to with your screenshot above, and let them know how important this feature is to you!

Anyone who wants this feature should email about this.

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@Simon_B What @Jonathan_Lutz mentions can also be done directly in a rollup field, which gives you the benefits of a lookup and a formula in a single field. The aggregation formula can do a lot more than just the simple examples shown when setting it up. You can put full formulas in there, with the only difference being the addition of the “values” variable to refer to the rolled-up data (and, sadly, no syntax hints). Something like this should work:

IF(Address, Address, values & "")

That will output the individual’s address if they have one; otherwise it will display the rolled-up address from their linked company.

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I solved this by creating many fields within the current field

  1. I made lookup field to load every organization’s address
  2. I made another if formula field, and set if the individual’s address is blank get organization’s address, if not blank, get individual’s address
    So, I have 3 different set of address field, 1. Individual’s address, 2. Organization’s address, 3. formula address.
    I found out that I needed another field anyway and It solved it. I leave my solution, If anyone is interested.

Anyways, thanks for your reply @Justin_Barrett I will try using roll up field next time

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