Launched: improved invites, shared view URL filters, view & block descriptions, increased CSV size

We’ve been hard at work on a number of enhancements meant to make sharing, collaborating, and working in the core Airtable experience ever more delightful. Here’s a round-up of all the improvements we shipped!

1. iOS base invite links
Users with Creator or above permissions on iOS can now create and send base invite links, as well as see existing base invite links, right from their phones. Learn more about the differences between our web and mobile apps here.

2. Invite multiple collaborators at a time
Invite multiple teammates at a time in the share dialog without needing to press “send invite” after each email.

3. Shared view URL filters
Write filters in the URL of a shared view link to point recipients to the exact set of information you want them to reference. Learn more here.

4. View & block descriptions
Annotate views and blocks in your bases to make onboarding into a new base even easier for teammates.

Screen Recording 2020-04-02 at 01.44 PM (1)

5. Increased CSV upload attachment size to 5MB
Looking to start a new base from a spreadsheet? We’ve increased the maximum file size of .CSVs up to 5MB (from 2MB)!


@Derek do shared view filters still work? I’m testing them out currently and the filters don’t appear to be doing anything.

Thank you for keep improving your product!

The filters work when you share a single view from a base. They currently don’t work if you share an entire base.

This only seems to work for “Shared Views”.

I personally don’t want to create a “Shared View” to use this functionality because I don’t want to expose my view publicly. URL filters would avoid having a bunch of “Views” cluttering things up.