Law Firm Invoice Template


I just opened up my own practice and am trying to avoid using expensive law firm management software. I have been exploring and tailoring the Law Firm Management template for my firm and so far so good.

However my biggest struggle so far is setting up my Billing and Expenses table in such a way that it will produce a line item Invoice. I am using the Page Designer and Time Keeper Blocks and I know that ultimately the issue here is how my Billing and Expenses Table is set up, but I’m not quite so talented with spreadsheets/databases.

I need to be able to have multiple time entries for a single Matter, but only one time entry per day.
Each entry should list the Date the work was done, Description of the work, Time it took to complete the work described, Hourly Rate and then a Total amount of Hourly Rate x Time.
I also need to enter individual line items for expenses (filing fees, payments to other professionals that assist on the case, etc.)

However the problem that I am facing is that when I start the Time Keeper block, and it asks which matter I want to add the time too, it just adds it all together in a single entry under the matter and I can not figure out how to get it to divide up by date and to have line items for each date. If I could figure that out, then I could try to figure out how to formulate that into Page Designer.

I have played around with setting the Description as the main field but I still have not been able to figure out how to get all of that information above into the invoice, nor how to automatically generate a unique invoice number formatted the way I want it.

Has anyone else tried to design an invoice like this with these kinds of metrics or have a template I can work off of?