Layout for a database of restaurant awards, restaurants, and chefs?


As a long time Google Sheets user (really, more like a mis-user considering how much better Airtable is), I am loving Airtable because it saves me so much time in creating my nerdy little spreadsheets.

One thing I would like to make is a base that lets me enter restaurant/chef awards as the main record and then link to records in a restaurant table and a chef table (no pun intended). From there, I would like the records in restaurant table and chef table to automatically link to each other as well.

I have sort of accomplished this here: airtable . com/shrseYdXbr5Ywf3mp

(not sure why it’s not letting me post links)

However, I still have to do secondary, redundant data entry on either the “1 - restaurant” table or the “2 - chef table” after putting in the information on the “3 - awards” table. I almost got this to work with a rollup column, but it kept duplicating the results in either the 1 or 2 tables.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


You can’t automate the linking of records with only Airtable itself. This is currently something that either must be done manually, or with a 3rd party automation service like Zapier.