Learner progress tracking

I am new to Airbase, having used spreadsheets for many years.
I am trying to create a learner progress tracker, but have hit a brick wall and need some guidance please. I think I have structured the base incorrectly to be used efficiently.

I am trying to set up a base that will have learners who are linked to a qualification which contains multiple units that contain multiple criteria that have to be passed twice for each criteria.

I have so far created linked tables for learners, qualifications, units and criteria. These work fine for one learner.
My issue is that when I add a second learner, I have to duplicate the a copy of the units and criteria tables and manually link it to the qualification table.
As I have over a hundred learners this will get quite large. In a spreadsheet I can split cells to form sub headings, but I can not do this in Airtable.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Keith_Powell,

I’m curious about this problem you are having. I’m helped many people transition from spreadsheet to Airtable so I understand the challenges you are facing. I would need more detail regarding your use case and what you are ultimately trying to achieve. I believe having that will allow me to give you some guidance on setting up Airtable. I’d be happy to have a short discussion regarding your use case and the issues you are facing. Feel free to reach out.


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