Let's get IFTTT integration


Airtable would instantly jump to one of my most used apps if it leveraged If This Then That’s platform for integrations. Think about instant integrations to apps like Trello, TodoIst, Evernote, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. It would be AMAZING!


The Zapier integrations are incredible, but you can quickly reach the 5 Zap limit for the free plan. IFTTT integration would be spectacular!


I like the idea, but i think you have to knock at IFTTT’s door.


I knocked on their door over the weekend. No response yet.


I totally agree! I’ve tweeted both @IFTTT and @airtable about this.


Agree, like, upvote, etc!


Lovely stuff.


I like this idea! I recently started using IFTTT and it’s wonderful!