Limit a view to a specific number of records



I’d like to create a view that only shows 15 records, taken at random from another filtered view. Or if the random selection isn’t possible, then a view that just displays the top 15 records.

If I were using google sheets, I might’ve used importrange and defined a range 15 rows high, but I can’t figure out the equivalent in Airtable.

(The purpose of this is to enable giving trusted members of our organisation the task of calling up other members to remind them to come to an event, but without sharing too much data with them.)

I’ve searched the forum and there doesn’t seem to be anyone talking about doing this - but I’m hoping someone does know a solution!




Hi Anna

So far, I think the only posibility is to add a flag that identifies the rows you want to show and then filter the view manually. Not a great solution but could help depending what you are trying to do.
On the other hand, if you have the Pro version you can use Blocks. On the block named “Record List” you have an option to limit the records you want to show.

Hope it helps.