Limit data entry to through forms only


is it possible to limit a table such that a new entry can ONLY be created through a form and NOT through gird view or any of the other views?

The problem i’m trying to solve is to make sure that all the relevant data is entered. this can be done with a form but people can create an entry in grid view and not fill out every important field.


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Hey @anand_makwana! Welcome in!

Yes, you can limit record creation to only occur with form submissions.

Within your base, you can select the dropdown on a table or right-click the table.
The dialog will allow you to edit the table permissions.


You can then set the record creation permissions to say that nobody can create new records.
From there, you can then select the option to allow records to be created through forums.


If I remember correctly, you might have to be in a Pro or Enterprise workspace to be able to edit these permissions, but I could be remembering this incorrectly.

Nonetheless, give it a shot and lemme know if you have any questions!

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great, thanks for your answer. it answered my question. cheers

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